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Maine CPR & First Aid or MCF as we like to call it; is here to help our community become better educated for emergency situation. We pride ourselves on being able to help everyone we come in contact with; wither it's with a one on one class, small group or large group. We know everyone learns differently so our focus is to meet people where they are comfortable. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!


Maine is a beautiful place to live and grow up in but with all that vase beauty comes downsides. Our downside? According to Maine.gov our average ambulance response time is 10 minutes. Now this is an average which means in bigger cities across Maine the response time could faster and in smaller towns or townships the response time could be slower. 10 minutes doesn’t seem like long but after 6 minutes without CPR (getting oxygen to the brain) the brain begins to die. Learning CPR could save the life of your loved one, a child or a complete stranger!