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Who We Are

Why we do what we do. . .

Our company was started by a mom who wanted to make first aid and CPR available to everyone at a reasonable rate! Jesse Rishani spent her life taking care of other people; ever sense she was a child  herself. Jesse had a dream of making our world a better, safer place. 

MCF's mission is to equip everyone with the knowledge and know-how to save a life. With FREE online how to videos and in person hands-on classes MCF hopes to open everyone up the great world that is CPR and First Aid. 

Please if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out, we are always here for our community.

Our Stories

Real life stories that will help everyone to see why first aid and/or CPR is important

Our Instructor

Jesse Rishani

is a EMS Safety certified instructor. Jesse is a mom of 3 beautiful kids as well as a few dogs. She spends her time with her family and promoting things she is passionate about. 

Jesse has always been a caregiver and loves to work with children, animals and the elderly. Her work has taken her down many different roles that all lead her back to here. Teaching classes to save lives and help the community one step at a time. 

Jesse has an associates degree in science, where her major was Medical Assistance. She spent time working for the local head-start as well as a local elder care agency.  Her versatility to engage with people of all walks of life make her the perfect instructor for your next class!